Opting for Banana Print Double-Sided Cards: Do They Really Make a Difference?

There are all sorts of options for business card printing. Some people like the traditional design that includes little more than black fonts on a white background while others love color and different shapes. Even someone of a more traditional turn of mind will appreciate the idea of going with double-sided cards rather than the usual single side. Here are some of the benefits that come with using this approach.

Room for More Information

It would be nice to include something other than the basics, but the last thing the individual wants to do is make the card face look crowded. In fact, a recipient who accepts a card that is overloaded with text on the front is likely to find reading all that data too tiresome. With a double-sided card, it’s possible to include more information and still arrange everything so the details can be scanned with ease. It’s much easier to turn a card over to read more than to try deciphering smaller fonts on a crowded front side.

Adding More Personality

Having two sides to work with rather than one also makes it possible to tell a little more about the culture of the company. Perhaps a card that follows the same basic premise as a postcard would be in order. That would mean using some type of image with an eye-catching slogan or quote on one side. That still leaves the other side for all of the important contact information. A bonus of this approach is the use of an image on one side makes the card stand out from the rest.

Ideal For Bullet Points

The back side can also be used to create a list of bullet points that speak directly to what the company has to offer. To some extent, the slogan included in the detail on the front side will do that. View the bullet list as expanding the thought already conveyed by that slogan. The greater detail will make it easier for the recipient to remember the company and use the contact information when the need arises.

Now is the time to contact Banana Print and check into the idea of double-sided business cards. Doing so could be the ideal way to attract the right type of attention.