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Some Pointers on How to Get Married Without Spending A Lot of Money

One reality when you get married is that you will have to spend so much money. Precisely because a wedding marks the start of the life of a couple, and thus this justifies the expenses they are willing to take. Sometimes, couples would splurge on their dress, suit, cakes, venues, photographers and so on, and find themselves lacking money for the next important event which is their honeymoon. It is therefore recommended that you set your wedding budget based on how much you can afford to spend. By doing this, you can clearly identify the different decisions and choices you want to happen during your wedding. To make your wedding special and more personal even if you do not have to spend a lot of money, there are some suggestions on how you can cut down costs.

One of the things that play a huge part in a wedding are the flowers, because the bride carries them, they are used to decorate during the reception, and used to decorate during the ceremony of course. But fortunately you can still minimize the cost for your flowers. One way is to use fake flowers, but choose ones that look real and still get the effect of real flowers that you desire. Another suggestion, especially for those with a boho motif wedding, is to pick fresh wild flowers if you have it near to your area, and you will be amazed at the natural beauty these flowers will add to your wedding. Wild fresh flowers add a personal and pretty touch in your venue, in the place where you will say your vows, and on your hand as your bouquet.

Another big costs in weddings are the invitations. Generally the costs would cover the paper, the printing of the invitation and the sending of these invites to your friends and relatives. Although sending messages or emails would seem too informal for your wedding, you can try to be creative in some ways. We love handmade invites as souveniers. Making your wedding invitation could be fun and you can express your creativity like putting both of your pictures, accentuate it with unique local materials, etc. c

The next item that can add to your wedding expense is your wedding cake. One way to lower your cost is, instead of a tiered wedding cake, you can do away with this and just opt for another style. Others would make a dessert bar composed of different small slices or cups of cakes and guests can make their own mix.

The objective of a couple when planning for their wedding should be to make it the least stressful for them both, not wasteful in their choices of expenses, and not that expensive.